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Executive director of the International Commission for Dietitian-Nutritionist Education and Accreditation (I-CDEA)

ReagerenVoor 31 augustus 2023
Afbeelding Executive director of the International Commission for Dietitian-Nutritionist Education and Accreditation (I-CDEA)

The International Commission for Dietitian-Nutritionist Education and Accreditation (I-CDEA) has been convened by the International Confederation of Dietetic Associations to provide leadership in developing, promoting, and implementing the standards of education and training that underpin the profession across the world. It provides leadership in dietetics education and assessment using an evidence-based approach to nutrition and dietetics practice.

The Commission has received authority from the Board of Directors of the ICDA through its members to devise, implement and administer an international accreditation system for higher education providers of formal education for dietitian-nutritionists. To support this endeavor the ICDA is looking to appoint an Executive Director to the I-CDEA.

Operations and Governance

The Commission will be led by an Executive Director (ED) appointed by the ICDA Board. The ED reports to the ICDA Board. A Board member will be the liaison with the Commission. Activities of the Commission will align with the Strategic Plan developed by the ICDA Board.

Responsibilities of the Executive Director for the I-CDEA

For this initial appointment in the set-up phase the ED of I-CDEA will be responsible for:

  1. Providing strategic leadership regarding the development and implementation of international accreditation standards for education institutions providing education and training for dietetic-nutrition professionals.
  2. Reviewing and systematizing the process and documentation for the accreditation process and the annual operative plan (the portfolio of documents has been developed).
  3. Developing the online platform to streamline processes and access to information. This will require liaison with the ICDA Marketing and Communications committee.
  4. Developing training programs for peer reviewers and institutions seeking accreditation. Developing processes for monitoring the quality and consistency of peer reviewer activities.
  5. Recruiting and training a preliminary pool of international peer reviewers.
  6. Undertaking a pilot with two new education institutions and one institution for re-accreditation to refine processes and the potential business model. This will include reviewing documentation and the site visit.
  7. Establishing a risk assessment matrix.
  8. Setting up a schedule of fees and charges and developing an initial budget according to a business model that will eventually see the I-CDEA be financially independent from ICDA.
  9. Developing a governance structure for the I-CDEA.
  10. Traveling as required, for university site visits, attending face-to-face and virtual meetings with the ICDA Board.

It is expected that this work will be completed by August 31, 2024, with key performance indicators negotiated for timely completion.

Length of appointment and remuneration

The appointee can reside in any location and the appointment will be for an initial period of two years, with an option for an additional (2 or 4 year) appointment dependent on review by the ICDA Board. The successful appointee will be required to declare any Conflicts of Interest and sign a confidentiality agreement.

Given the extent of the tasks involved the ICDA Board can offer a package to the I-CDEA Executive Director that includes:

  • Reimbursement of all reasonable expenses in the undertaking of activities upon presentation of receipts.
  • Remuneration of up to $10,000 USD upon satisfactory completion of deliverables. This will be negotiated with the Board liaison.
  • A small budget towards per diems for peer reviewers undertaking site visits.

Selection criteria Essential

  1. A master’s or doctorate degree, preferably in an area related to nutrition and dietetics.
  2. Recent experience in dietetic education accreditation processes and implementation at a national and/or international level.
  3. High level English language verbal and written communication skills (all the communications are in English).
  4. Ability to develop and coordinate the business model of the I-CDEA, according to the ICDA Strategic Plan and to work closely with/through I-CDEA and the ICDA Board.
  5. Experience of dietetic competencies and competency-based education, university processes and pedagogy.
  6. Highly developed interpersonal, negotiation and commitment to team decision making and setting of I-CDEA objectives.
  7. Highly developed understanding of confidentiality, codes of conduct and ethics and to manage real or perceived conflicts of interest in the decision-making process.
  8. Ability to work in cross-cultural contexts.

Selection criteria Desirable

  1. Actively involved in education or practice (volunteer, consultant, or employee).
  2. Evidence of professional leadership.
  3. Served on the ICDA Board or any ICDA project related to education and accreditation.

In addition to the selection criteria

  1. A small nominal contract is being offered to undertake this work in recognition of the amount of work involved, according to the ICDA Policy (GP-10) the Executive Director of the ICDA – Commission for Dietitian-Nutritionist Education and Accreditation (I-CDEA).
  2. Be willing to work closely with/through I-CDEA and the ICDA Board. (Board Governance of activities will be through reports to the Board. A Director, assigned by the Board, will liaise with the ED of I-CDEA until fully established in order to promote/strengthen continuity from year to year and to facilitate communication).

To apply for this position

Please submit a cover letter outlining your experience against the selection criteria along with your most current CV to the three emails listed:, and by August 31st 2023. All applicants will be reviewed by a sub-committee of the ICDA Board. Applicants will be short-listed and will be required to attend an interview on Zoom. You will be informed of the decision of the Board within three months of applying. The Board reserves any decision on this application. The decision of the Board will be final.